Available furniture

50 chairs, 10 tables, 4 standing tables, 25 bar stools, small stage
Internet: wifi
HD-videobeamer & screen
Professional sound system, 2 microphones and a mixing table

Technical list

Maximum dB allowed: 85

Combinations with the other two rooms are possible. They can be used as a break-out rooms, backstage areas, vip lounges, …

Ginette is partly wheelchair accessible. Please ask for more information regarding this.


You can opt for a self-service of coffee, tea and water during the entire event for a flat fee of 5 euro per person.
For lunch we can deliver sandwiches (8 euro per person) or sandwiches and soup (12,50 euro per person).
You are free to work with a catering company of your choosing. Au Bassin doesn’t provide catering apart from sandwiches and soup but we can propose catering companies we know and love.

Ginette has a fully equipped bar with the following selection of drinks.