Ginette can be used from midday until 22:00.
She is perfect for a professional meeting or a cozy evening event.


Standing : 70
Walking dinner : 70
Bar style : 65
Theatre : 50
Seated dinner : 50
Classroom : 20
U shape : 20
Boardroom : 22

Ginette can be rented for 1000 euro (excluding VAT) per day.
This is always a flat fee and does not depend on the hours you would like for your event.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or visits: We’d love to hear how we can meet your needs.


You can opt for a self-service of coffee, tea and water during the entire event for a flat fee of 6,5 euro per person.
If you would like a healthy and organic breakfast option, this can be arranged by us for 9 euro per person.
For lunch we can deliver sandwiches at 11 euro per person.

The bar is always taken care of by us. For food you are free to work with a catering company of your choosing. Au Bassin doesn’t provide catering apart from breakfast and sandwiches but we can propose catering companies we know and love.

Ginette has a fully equipped bar with the following selection of drinks.