You may already know us. Our motivated team, menu with local beers and organic juices and spectacular venue haven’t changed.
Only now the place to spend your nights is called Au Bassin.
We opened as one of the ViaVia travelers cafés, but in the beginning of 2020 it’s time to name the bar for the unique place it is.
The identity of our venue is based on its location and architecture. It used to be a warehouse in the port of Brussels back in the day.
The water we still have in front of the building is ‘le Bassin de Marchands.’
We turned this place into a bar, but kept as much of the original structure as possible.
In the same spirit we found the perfect name for us in the history of the square.
Welcome to Au Bassin!
If you don’t know the bar, come check it out. I heard it’s pretty cool.


How about a Brussels beer, a glass of wine, some organic juice or homemade ginger ale?

Our food selection is limited to the in-case-of-emergency finger food.


More than board games and the occasional DJ, we fill our bar with plant markets, quizzes, brocantes, Belgian design markets, stand-up comedy, afterworks, concerts and other happenings.


Au Bassin is the ideal place for groups. From 15 people on you can make a reservation. Unfortunately we are not able to take reservations on Fridays and Saturdays. Don’t forget to ask for our ticket system if you would like to buy a drink for your friends.