We will probably reopen on Friday juin 12th. After this the bar will open from Wednesday to Saturday, from 16h until midnight. 

There will be someone to guide you to your tables and all drinks must be consumed seated. These weird times aren't over yet, so we ask you to follow the rules. We haven't invented them, but we will be held responsible if you break them. Keep this in mind if you see a friend you've missed and want to say hi. We understand that you want to run to them Baywatch-style for a hug, but for now you would have to take it outside. Like the bad boys in an eighties movie meet up for a fight. 

We have missed you more then you know. 


The Au Bassin team


How about a Brussels beer, a glass of wine, some organic juice or homemade ginger ale?

Our food selection is limited to the in-case-of-emergency finger food.


More than board games and the occasional DJ, we fill our bar with plant markets, quizzes, brocantes, Belgian design markets, stand-up comedy, afterworks, concerts and other happenings.


Au Bassin is the ideal place for groups. From 15 people on you can make a reservation. Unfortunately we are not able to take reservations on Fridays and Saturdays. Don’t forget to ask for our ticket system if you would like to buy a drink for your friends.