ViaVia General

There are 18 ViaVia’s all over the world, each with their unique story and setting. They are a meeting place for world travelers, locals and people that just crave a hide out. Some are hotels, some are restaurants, some are bars but all together they form an intersection between East and West, North and South

ViaVia Brussels

What started out as a traveler’s café in Brussels grew to become a unique meeting place, multilingual and open to both townsfolk and people visiting. Travel books are there to inspire you for a future adventure, and board games contribute to good old school human contact. The offer includes an extensive organic range of drinks and a spectacular homemade ginger ale. But also local specialties like the famous Zinnebir and a selection of Brussels Beer Project star on the menu

ViaVia Brussels is located on the renowned Vismet since 2016

Some sneak peeks from the Under-Construction way back when it was 2016

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